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What is the common nature of the subscriber and the coin? Two sides! Eagle is a typical average subscriber with interests, problems and expectations typical for most of your readers. Tail is the image of a subscriber in your imagination. As you understand, the type and image often do not coincide. Many marketers are guided by a fictitious image. It turns out that every time you prepare a newsletter, you throw a coin. An eagle or a solution?. I often observe this situation by analyzing the mailings of my clients. First they indicate that the core of the subscribers are the heads of companies. After all, everyone wants to be read more by top managers. We conduct a survey.

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It turns out that most of the subscribers are mid level managers: marketers or purchasing managers or sales people. My advice is not to do fortune telling. Try to learn and understand the subscriber better. How? Carry out testing and follow the statistics of the mailing. If you do not observe key indicators, then you do not understand how your audience reacts to advertising offers, to different styles of texts, to types of letters. So, live in a fictional world. It's no wonder that letters do not open well, and almost no one follows the links? People's wisdom says: even if a person had eight hands, then seven of them would click on the links. You or your employee have too many cases and little time to manually manage email marketing.

Sly bunches mail program+ spreadsheet with a database or a special solution instagram pva service special manager: a specially trained employee sends a dozen letters from his computer every three minutes, driving the recipients' addresses into the to line. Are you still surprised when you do not receive any reaction to such mailings? What's bad about it? Let's figure it out. First, the letters do not reach. From to of the letters, which are not sent through buy instagram account specialized services, fall into the spam folder or do not reach the recipient at all: they are cut off at the level of the mail server. Secondly, you do not have statistics. The employee sending letters has no idea how the subscribers react to them. What percentage of the recipients who opened the letter, by what links they clicked.

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Having it, you can segment the sheet and select each key for each subscriber. And this has a positive effect on sales. Conclusion: use specialized solutions for e mail mailings. Regularity is important for the formation of subscriber loyalty. One letter can not do this. Ragged rhythm is good. Long pauses between letters are bad. You can not disappear for more than a month. I will give an example. I was approached by an online store. How many people unsubscribed. The subscriber information is not accumulated. Subscribers are the most expensive thing you have. The information about their behavior accumulated over months gives instagram pva service you an understanding of your readers.

The situation is as follows. The database of customers and potential buyers is being maintained. It has, addresses that have been collected for several years. We just gathered, we did not work with them. At one point the marketing department decided to make a newsletter. Put yourself in the place of the recipient of the letter. You made an order several years ago, paid, received a purchase and forgot about the existence of the seller. Less than five years have passed since the store receives an e mail.what emotions will you experience when you open it? Will there be something in the soul like respect and loyalty? Hardly. This is how the customers reacted in no way. There was practically no reaction. By hands is meant the use of homemade solutions. What people do not come up with to complicate their lives.